Rules Of Engagement

Welcome to the blog site of Al-Vis, the singer guitarist sometimes known as “Not Important Enough”.

I said this was gonna be a wild ride and it is. First a few rules so no one falls off and gets hurt. And if the rule you followed led you to this, of what use was the rule?

1) This is MY blog site. I reserve the right to censor any and all comments, though please feel free to comment. That means no wing nuts, no birthers, keep politics out of it unless apprapro to the topic, etc etc etc. You’ll get the hang of it.

This is not Facebook, not my music site, not neccesarily a family-friendly, feel-good public “lovarama”. It is a blog site. Blogs are all about expressing yourself, with opinions, etc, some of which could offend -otherwise they could risk being dishonest. I am not going to purposed offend anyone, but it could happen, so deal with it.

2) Speaking of politics, mine are decidedly left of center (though I am a Bill Clinton-type pragmatist at times, recognizing that this country is historically RIGHT of center, especially lately). If you can’t deal with that in a civil manner then you don’t belong here, plain and simple.

3) Besides, there are enough political bloggers, right and left. In the AlvisRocks, tradition, this blog will be mostly about matters of historical and current music. I will try to turn you on to some of the greatest music I am hearing, write about my and others history, and even talk about music in the abstract, from a philisophical view, for example.
4) In that vein, I will post pretty much anything I want to, including, yes, stuff about THAT singer (see photo above).

5) If you have a problem with anything I post please don’t hesitate to tell me, but don’t expect me to pull or correct anything unless it is flagrantly wrong or a state secret. I usually try to very the accuracy of anything I post or repost, but if there’s a correction to be made I’ll make it gladly, as long as it is clearly inaccurate. And I will make that decision. 

6) As far as videos or pics, I am a bit more forgiving in that regard, especially since I was burned myself once (see #4)). I will quickly and gladly pull any images or links to videos that anyone wants pulled, unless they are already common knowledge. I will make that decision also.

7) Feel free to promote any sites or events relevant to the topic at hand. Spammers and trolls see #1).

8) I might add or change these rules as I see fit. I know it sucks to change the rules as you go along, so I’ll try to keep it consistent, but sometimes it is necessary.

Now that all of that is out of the way, lets get started! Welcome to Al-Vis’ world- I’ll try not to bore you, but if I do you know what the “x” is at the top right of the window….

1 Comment

  1. Loving it already!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with it and where it takes us!!! I know I will learn something I didn’t already know here so you are stuck with me (not that that is a bad thing)…I like your “political” view point as well…best of luck to you my friend!!!


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