Carolyne Mas

Reposted from my Facebook site, originally posted June 6, 2009. Carolyne has just announced some new recordings:

Please check them out, this is very big news!

Al-Vis 7/2011


Carolyne Mas

Carolyne Mas

Before Melissa, before Sara, before Alanis, there were just a few pioneers who cleared the way by going against the stereotypes of the female singer that were part of rock music at the end of the 60s and 70s. Artists such as Joan Jett, the Wilson sisters and Asbury Park’s own Carolyne Mas paved the way for those who came later, by enduring crushing record industry prejudices, radio station indifference, etc etc.

Mas had even one more hurdle. Early on she was dubbed the “female Bruce Springsteen”. Being tagged as any version of Bruce is unfair and a career thrasher- being tagged a female Bruce, especially in those days, was a double-blast.

But she overcame all of that, made her mark, became huge, and went on to help redefine what a woman’s role in rock music could be. And she continued to perform until a few short years ago.

She still has a web site and some of music is still available. I am posting this link as a tribute not just to a great, trailblazing female artist, but to one of Asbury Park’s own immortal contributions to rock history.

Rock on, Carolyne, others are doing just that because of the road you helped pave.

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