Carol Barbieri

First posted on Facebook, 1/28.2010


A few weeks back I happened into Cook’s new open mic at the Village Coffee in Neptune City, which had recently relocated. On my way to the Boathouse to play with Chik-A-Boom, I was excited to just check in to see the new digs.

Signing up for the jam was a small group of performers, Jeff Point, Carol Barbieri and David Crowton, who once again showed me that nothing happens by plan in this biz!

What started as a brief visit to say howdy turned into something much more serendipitous.

Jeff, and accomplished singer, David, an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist, and Carol, a singer-songwriter of the first degree gave me a show I would not soon forget.

A true one-stop talent, Carol is a writer, singer, songwriter, hostess, photographer etc etc. Since that fateful encounter in Neptune City I have have been digging her music at Val’s open mic on Mondays in Rumson. Her Golden Blossom Honey’d voice simply caresses a song when she sings it (such as Joni Mitchel’s “Big Yellow Taxi” or one of David Crowton’s Beatles tunes).

She tells the poignant story of her search for her birth mother on her CD “You Secret’s Safe With Me” here:

And her entire CD “Let It Go” can be heard here:

Lyrics here:

Her story has given much attention to the plight of those searching for information about their birth parents, and she has given presentations about the topic, and also has worked for the New Jersey Coalition for Adoption Reform and Education (NJCARE).

She is also an accomplished writer and has had op-ed pieces published in such periodicals as the Asbury Park Press and the New York Times, as well as a weekly column in the Atlantic Highlands Herald called The Lemonade Stand.

But mostly I am spotlighting her because I have been enjoying her music, which is a bluesy, sultry, slightly folky but always intense mixture that tugs at your heart with its deep emotion.

Besides her open mic at Vals, you can check out her show schedule here:

I know I will be!

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