Vinnie Roslin Memorial Benefit (re-posted from Facebook 2/21/2012)

I am asking my friends to please attend this event, or to do what you can to help out- not because of who will be there, but because of who won’t:

Besides being a tremendous talent, Vinnie Roslin was a great guy, and one of the nicest people you would ever meet. Sure he played with Bruce back in the Steel Mill days, played with George Theiss, and in several bands with yours truly. In all the bands we played in, almost never did I have to tell him what to play: he was a natural, and he always knew the notes, even though, like many rock musicians,  he couldn’t read music.

We met while I was performing in the second version of JP Gotrock around the end of 1985. Our bass player Neal Schwartz had moved to Clifton, and would not be available for several upcoming shows. So our drummer Vini Lopez brought him in- and with almost no rehearsal we played shows all over the New Brunswick and Asbury Park areas for well over the the next year.

When Gotrock finally split in early 1987 he continued with me in Big Danny’s various lineups, including The Mighty Whoosies with Vini again, and then Big Danny and The Power 13 Band. By that time we were in the studio recording Danny’s “Don’t Stop The Dreamin'” and “Love Gravy”, and filming a video on top of the Stone Pony, ala’ Let It Be.

Along the way he also performed with me at the Clearwater Festival with Helyn:

in a Motown band that rehearsed a few times but never performed publicly, and with a blues band in New Brunswick.

When I split with Big Danny in 1990 he continued with him in Big Danny and The Lost Leader Band for the next few years.

He was working in a jewelry store in Red Bank  thru the 90s, when he formed Blue Plate Special- and then continued to perform shows all over the New York area.

He had been sick with diabetes for a long time and would have episodes as far back as when he was with JP Gotrock. This disease has claimed several friends, included our mutual friend Helyn Chrobocinksi from the Clearwater Festival.

I am asking you to please give whatever you can- items for the gift auction would be esp appreciated. His family has had a tough time caring for him thru this and we would like to try to offset at least some of that expense.

I hope you don’t mind me tagging some of you- I just wanted to get the word out. I hope you understand that, and understand our grief and all of the Asbury Park music community’s grief at this loss. I have been very lucky to have shared stages with great artists like Vinnie and I look forward to showing their appreciation at this event.

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