Al-vis and Spring (Lovelle, Libutti, etc)

In 2011, out of nowhere and without warning, Spring, also known as Spring Libutti and Spring Lovelle, launched a viscous, unprovoked and unwarrated attack on my YouTube video site, without warning.

She had reports sent to YouTube complaining of “Inapprorpriate” content, and also reports of “Privacy violiations”.

These unfounded accusations resulted in the temporary removal of some videos I had posted of my performances with her.

Over a ten year period Spring (as she was simply known then) had a fruitful and positive collaborative relationship. When a shoot for her video “I Find” didn’t go as expected, our relationship turned south and we parted ways.

While this was sad enough, she decided to take the split to the next level and do something that was was dangerous, uncalled for and just plain nuts.

Over the ten years we were together I had performed on many recordings, some of which were released on her CD “Spring’s Acoustic Christmas” and “Transforming”. Many recordings are still in the can.

I also booked her into the Clearwater Festival at Sandy Hook and Asbury Park many times, and performed with her frequently. She also used the backing tracks from our recordings for her live shows.

All of which represented some of the greatest music I have ever (and quite possibly she has ever) performed.

After our split she threw it all away. She took me off of her Christmas CD,. then took Transforming off of the market. With no explanation, no apology and no remorse.

And eventually she took this action against the videos I posted. In short, she has spent the last few years of her life (publicly at least) trying to deny that I ever performed with her, and trying to erase the contrubutions I made to her music and her career.

Whatever personal issues she ever had with me, someone somehere (obviously not she) must be asking the question “Was it really worth it? To let a personal blowout destroy ten years (and ultimately, if you really think about it, a lifetime) of music?

She has evidently had little or no music career since then (just Google her many names to see this). If she does decide to make a go at it again, how is she going to reconcile with all she did to us, all she did to me??? Is she just going to leave it be, or is she going to make some BS excuses related to all the new-age pop-psychobabble (that probably got her into this in the first place)? Or is she going to be honest about it and just admit that she was having a tough time emotionally, and that it was unfortunate that her work with me bore the brunt of that frustration?

Since our split my career has scaled heights I could not have anticipated back when I was devoting so much energy to her music. I have ongoing original projects with several artists, and have all the work I can handle with recording, writing and performing with upwards of a dozen or so acts. I released the critically acclaimed “Road Construction” CD, which also sold pretty well. I’ve done TV, radio, become a respected blogger and cataloger of the history of the local music scene, and have moved on in so many ways.

She has evidently accomplished nothing in this time, except to try to destroy what we had together. Which hasn’t really worked, by the way, since I have been working nearly as hard to try to preserve it.

Which is my right, and my honor. It was and is great music by a great talent. Her personal shortcomings are minor compared with the sublime creativeness she showed in  those ten years, and in the years before. As bad as those shortcomings are.

I will be moving a lot of my videos to other sites in the next few weeks to hold off from any future attacks she may have in mind. I have already started a site on Vimeo called Four Decades which will hold some of the more historically significant clips.

She can continue to attack and destroy- I will continue to remember and preserve. Its as simple as that. If she wants to come after me for it I’ll deal with it as it comes, knowing that in the end great art trumps stupidity and pettiness.

Here is the response to her most recent attack on me, from last November.

Al-Vis 3/1/2012


To my fans, and especially to fans of Spring/Spring Libutti/Spring Lovelle:

Spring has had all of the videos we performed in removed from my YouTube site, claiming that they contained “innapropriate content.” There was nothing innapropriate about these videos, or the comments posted with them.

I have never expressed anything but reverence and concern for this person. Reverence for the music we shared and concern for the stupid and pointless way she ended it, and continues to acts towards me.

She has been telling some of my friends I need to move on, but as anyone can see, I have. She began by posting a video I warned her not to, then continued by removing me from her CDs, and then recently attacked my YouTube site with a vengeance. This is not “moving on” to me.

Any explanation she gives anyone without beginning with “Because of the horrible thing I did to Al-Vis” is misleading at best and false at worst. What she did to me when we split, and has continued to do, was cruel, insulting to myself and our fans, and cold-blooded. Its as simple as that. There is no anger for me to “get over”, she did what she did and SHE is the one who lives with it, not me. I have the music posted without regret- she doesn’t. I have the videos proudly for the world to see- that she wants to hide. I have the best career I have ever had, while she seems to be stuck in this “screw over Al-Vis” attack mode. If anyone has anger issues it is her.

Since there are no rules here (other than legalities) I will continue to have our work together posted and comment on it. She can continue to ignore and deny what she has done to me but its not going help her career, and its already hurt it far more than any of my comments or actions ever could.

Next year, 2012, I will celebrate 40 years in this music business. Along the way the gutters grew littered with musicians who thought they could just run roughshod over anyone’s feelings, over anyone’s career, to make it to the top. I never went there and I’m not going there now. She can be as cruel and cold-blooded as she wants- but I will continue to hold our music in the reverence which it has always deserved, back then and into the future.

Please enjoy the great music we made- life is way too short not to.

Al-Vis 11/17/2011

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