The Tea Party Trojan Horse

Pay attn to what people do, not what they say.

The election of Tea Party idealogues in the previous election has led to a disturbing attack on women’s rights, voter’s rights and anti-latino legislation.

It shows the Tea Party for what it really is- a trojan horse of racism and sexism masquerading as a call for lower taxes and smaller govt.

The evidence is in the legislation passed and being considered by the GOP these days: onerous voter-registration laws trying to solve a problem that NO LEGAL OBSERVER thinks exists, that of voter fraud; the unconstitutional and illegal harrasment of latino-appearing people by state authorities; and various legislative intiatives aimed at making abortion so inconventient and difficult that women opt to carry the child instead (this last being a stated goal of several legislators and governers).

To me that makes the Tea Party movement THE MOST DANGEROUS political movement of the past 100 years, more dangerous than any of the radical left fringe groups of the 60s and 70s.

If the Tea Party movement wanted to make the debate about smaller govt and lower taxes then they wouldn’t be proposing onerous new anti-voter, anti-Latino and anti-woman’s rights laws, all of which are about bigger govt, not smaller govt. It takes a bigger govt to enforce voting laws; it takes a bigger state govt to enforce Federal immigration law and a much bigger govt to enforce abortion-dscouraging laws. And all of that takes more govt spending.

If the Tea Party really believed in smaller govt then they wouldn’t be trying to solve voter-fraud problems until reputable people gave proof that these problems¬†existed. If the Tea Party really believed in smaller govt they wouldn’t be proposing laws that give the states the responsibility of enforcing Federal immigration laws (which is clearly unconstitutional in that states cannot be given the power to prosecute Federal statutes) and they wouldn’t be trying to (and succeeding to) pass laws requiring invasive vaginal procedures of women seeking abortions.

So if these laws are about smaller govt and lower taxes, then the Tea Party is actually not about smaller govt or lower taxes. Pay attn to what they are trying to accomplish, not what they profess, and you see their real intent. And call it what you will.

Please don’t hesitate to reply by calling or implying that Pres Obama is a socialist and/or not an American, that Obama hates Americans, that the other side does it too, that congress is infiltrated by commies, that the New Black Panther party is extremist etc etc. Because I really love hearing your tired, trolling, redundant replies that too often border on racism (or are blatantly so). They really add SO MUCH to the discussion, and show how intelligent and thoughtful some of you who disagree with my political views are.

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