This is where I came in….

And so on or about Tuesday May 14 my personal Facebook account will go dark. For how long, I don’t know.

I first ventured onto this journey in 2008, and quickly adjusted to the “me me me” paradigm that by now appears to be a permanent part of our culture,

Where humility and respect used to be ingrained in our old-school friendships, arrogance and “YOLO” who-gives-a-fuck-what-you-think are part of the new way of interacting.

People look for echos, not answers. People accuse and assume while never (and I do mean never) trying to understand the truth.

I have have been more misunderstood and wrongfully attacked IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS than in the past 25 years of my life- all through the Clearwater Festival, ChiK-A-Boom, even my battles in the corporate world. People at least tried to get at the truth and when they couldn’t, they at least agreed to disagree.

Now no one agrees to disagree. Either agree or I call you names. Assume first and the block and never talk to that person again, without any desire to understand the truth of the matter. I was screamed at for a good half hour at one point by someone I thought was a friend, a person I had worked to put on fundraisers with, and for whom I even tried to give emotional support at times. Only to betrayed when this person went back and gave out sensitive information about a sensitive situation that she had NOTHING TO DO WITH. Which was then taken totally out of context and used against me. Thanks a lot, Facebook “friend”.

And God forbid you show any REAL emotion here. You can be happy as a clam in high tide but if you show sadness or the least bit of anger you need to “move on”. I stood in the doorway a few weeks ago and said goodbye to a perfectly good musical matchup, ended probably forever. Tears were streaming down our eyes, both of us. That was real. That wasn’t Facebook. And the last thing we needed to hear was “just move on.”

But anyway, I am moving on.

For how long I don’t know. I didn’t intend for all this drama to happen. I just wanted to make music- great music. And I will, one way or another, as I always have.

My fan site AlvisRocksMusic will stay up- not sure about 4 Decades because the response to that has been tepid, even though it has what I think are amazing clips and photos of an amazing period in the history of the Asbury Park area music scene (no, not of me, but of a lot of different acts and venues).

And I may be back- that depends on a lot of things I seem to have little control over right now.

Know this though: I am not leaving out of anger- I have been very lucky to have had some amazing interactions while I have been here and I deeply appreciate the time each and every one of you has taken from your busy lives to interact with me here.

My reasons are personal and practical, and I won’t get into it any more than I already have here. But for those of you who are tired of the drama, so am I. So am I.



  1. I have to agree with just about everything (well, quite frankly – everything) you’ve said here. If not for the fact that I would lose my “page” for ITGL, mine would be gone as well. The “friend collectors” and those who “only love you when you’re smiling” people are all but gone from my life. I needed to find out who my friends really are – and I have! FB was great when I was 600 miles away – and it serves to connect me now with family members I don’t see (or won’t see for another 15 months). There is no “taking into account the feelings of others” anymore. Mom’s old adage “if you can’t say anything nice” no longer seems to apply. So, my friend – I will follow you here, there or anywhere. I do miss the occasional photo posted as a tribute to my “other” half – but then again – I think I miss seeing you most of all πŸ™‚


    • Oh, good grief – I’m not anonymous (guess it doesn’t recognize my log in…)


  2. There ya go! “The new phone book! I’m a person!” (Steve Martin, from The Jerk). Best of luck with your new blog- I’ll be posting lots myself over the next few days and weeks.


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