Dreams do come true, even if the reality doesn’t always match whats in the dream…

My fracked mind...

blog13-Sept.10-Dreaming_WorldWell, I could be talking about the ones you have for what you’d like your life to be – but I’m not — not that I didn’t have them (and by far, they did not turn out as intended), but unfortunately, the ones that come while you are fast asleep.  They start out so sweet – you finally reach the dream (the aforementioned) and then the reality of the situation enters.  The “happily ever after” with that one person you loved with your heart – your first true love (who really turned out to be a shit in the end), sweeps you off your feet and life is as you had dreamed it would be (and yes, I was young in this dream, as was he).  Again – the reality – I’m old and he’s dead (so much for dreams coming true).

The point is, we think we know what…

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