The Deadliest Sin


I just want to take a minute here to say a few words about Pride this week. Not the kind of pride that one uses to aspire to greatness, but the kind of false pride that is considered the deadliest of the Seven Deadly Sins.

“Pride goeth before a fall” because when you have a distorted view of your own invincibility you become blind to the dangers of human faultiness. You strut on a ledge without regard to the distance between you and the hard ground below.

We are all human and therefore all highly flawed. And this kind of Pride I believe is the most dangerous of all human flaws, because it enables us to destroy ourselves.

How many times have we heard “He’s too proud for that” “He would never let that happen, he’s too proud” or “Now you’ve made your bad you can lie in it.”

Well you don’t have to “lie in it”. None of us are without flaws, and most of us are deeply flawed. Yet only the most flawed people I have ever met have also been the ones with the most false pride.

I’ve made my mark on two different career paths in my life. In the world of music I have performed with some of the top people in my local scene, and have been blessed for being able to do so for several decades. In my computer career I have risen to the role of lead programmer for a major software company.

And yet I have ALWAYS been the first to apoligize, where I knew I was wrong, and even when I wasn’t sure who was right or wrong. Being a success doesn’t mean never being wrong. I wish I was wrong about a lot of things. Especially lately. I am especially not happy when I am right about things that I don’t want to be right about, That hurts.

No one EVER though less of a person for swallowing their pride. But plenty of otherwise great people have fallen hard for not doing so, for holding onto their pride.

Life is too short though. You can take your pride all the way to your grave (and there is one musician whom I have been involved with who evidently will- its been 7 years now), rather than sacrifice some of it to get what you want out of life. Personally I don’t have time or patience for that. Which is why I will ALWAYS try to work things out, without regard to this idiotic notion that “I’m too good to work things out with you”.

You would think that, this all being in The Bible, that people would understand it all. But part of human faultiness is our inability to see flaws in ourselves we would otherwise see in others. And we have ALL been guilty of false Pride at one time or another.

Without the ability to admit we are wrong, we don’t have the ability to change. For the better. So Pride gets in the way of ever improving ourselves.

The fact is that life is a learning and growing process, and without being able to admit you were wrong (because of this False Pride) you will never learn and grow. And if you can’t learn and grow then why bother being alive at all?

And THAT is probably why Pride is called the deadliest of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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