~ “I just want to sit on a stage somewhere and sing…”

From a good friend who is going thru some tuff times. Sending all my love and hugs, please keep her in your thoughts.

My fracked mind...

3948536721_b431d441efSo…I have this musician friend (actually, for someone who can’t sing, I have many, many musician friends -performers, writers, producers and the like).  We have a lot in common.  We like a lot of the same things – music, movies, jokes and ideals.  He lifts my spirits when they are in the toilet (usually by posting something to my FB page about stalkers in trees).  He calls when he doesn’t see my handiwork clogging up his news feed.  He listens while I talk through my tears.  He’s a friend.  I don’t have too many of those (or should I say – too many like him).  Not even my ex-husband (in our BEST years) was that compassionate (which could be why I divorced him).  He asks for nothing and always manages to make me smile by the end of our conversation.  He doesn’t judge me for how I feel or what…

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