The First Half Of 2013 and What The Road To Hell is Paved With

Well the first half of 2013 brought duplicity and betrayal. Which I guess is part of what happens even when the road is paved with the best of intentions.Image

      The thing with Zara was bad enough but I did get 2 1/2 years of some of the best music ever. Even if she did make it one of the worst splits ever by unfriending me, then accusing me of all sorts of evil deeds that I am simply not even capable of (you who know me know I could NEVER do some of the things she accused me of!). Then refusing to talk to me to defend myself against those accusations. Not a very gracious way to act to someone who play FOR FREE for 2 1/2 years for you and went to the ends of the earth to support you and encourage you. She still refuses to talk to me or acknowledge me in public.And her photog friend, Mr Andrew C., raised the roof on me when I posted some of his pics a few weeks ago. I hadn’t had a chance to credit him yet when he fired a salvo at me: “How dare I post his pics without his permission and without crediting him?” But the fact was that I had just posted them and hadn’t had time to tag or credit him. Just the icing on the cake with that whole situation. So I am currently editing out his pics from my albums and from the tribute video I posted.

Keep in mind that I did everything I could to set things straight with her- I bought her flowers, apologized over and over for some things I said in anger, and I even offered to play for her on an as-needed basis if she ever would relent. But hey, if that’s how she plays the game WTF, like I said I got 2 1/2 years of great music.

What made it worse was the next split with Anya. I rehearsed for months and months with her as we talked of duo work together and an eventual band. Things SEEMED to be going OK until the band I assembled had trouble find time to rehearse.

After months of trying to get everyone together (it seemed like I was the only with the time to put into it) I stopped hearing from everyone. A few weeks later I demanded to know why. Anya had gone off with a second singer that one of the band members had brought to a rehearsal, supposedly to audition him. Turned out he was actually auditioning her- for his own combo.

And as far as the band, it was done. Or so I was told. Actually what happened was they got another guitar player to take my place, without ever telling me. And keep in mind that I was the one who approached THEM about accompanying Anya. And who tried to get their rehearsal schedules coordinated for weeks and weeks, to little result.

The drummer called me the other night to tell me he was fed up with the whole situation, especially the way they treated me, so he quit.

But anyone who bets that this trend will last into the 2nd half of 2013 is betting wrong. When I look around and see who is still in my life and my career I know I have much stronger allies than those who are gone- so go ahead and bet because I’m feeling luckier than ever, despite every one of these setbacks!

And for the record I really do wish Anya all the best. And would wish the same for Zara if she would ever find it in her heart to talk to me again.


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