Because there appears to be some confusion…

Yet another note from my personal Facebook site (AlvisRocks, feel free to friend me there, lotsa good stuff besides these raves). This explains my posting policy and how I expected to be treated.
I really have only one rule- don’t ever, ever expect me to hide from the world how you’re treated me. I try to be fair, keep evrything on the up and up and stay peaceful with everyone, but how dare you treat me badly and expect me to keep quiet about it. The height of arrogance.
Anyone who knows me knows I will reason with ANYONE. I will bend over backwards to hear and take into account your side of the story. But don’t treat me like shit and expect me not to tell people how you treated me.
That is something I will not bargain with and will NOT forgive. – Al-Vis 7/2013
Because there seems to be some confusion:
1) I post what I want. Including how people treat me. So treat me with respect and dignity and you won’t have to worry about me posting how you treat me.
2) If you ever have a problem with anything I ever do or say, talk to me. In person if you can. Don’t text me, don’t email me. Don’t stand there and scream at me on the phone (though thats better than the other choices). Just talk talk talk. Otherwise don’t complain about me telling people how you are treating me.
3) If I have a private conversation with you that means I need your help in understanding or at least venting about a situation. It doesn’t mean you have a “perfect right to tell anyone anything ever tells me in private”. It means I am trusting you. If you betray that trust to people who think are your friends with then you don’t know what friendship is. So you don’t deserve me (or anyone) for a friend. Friendship is built on trust. Take away trust and you are not friends.
4) I do go out of my way to promote, support and do much of the leg work for the acts I am involved with. While I do expect that we will make a profit eventually, I look on it as an investment and don’t mind that it doesn’t always pay off.
But I don’t expect to be humiliated by this “Don’t talk to me” bullshit. If I have given you 2 1/2 years of my career the least I can expect is that we keep a line of communication open.
I could retaliate in a lot of ways for this. I could refuse to have my name associated with your work (for what its worth). I could sue you and even get a restraining order to remove all content from our work together, I could do a lot of crummy things to get back at you for treating me this way. But I won’t, and never will. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
I really hate posting this but I was 2) screamed at for over half an hour today (during work no less) over the phone by someone who 1) Was complaining about me telling people how some people have treated me lately and 3) Told me flat out they had every right to tell anyone anything said in private. So at least some people here don’t get it. If you don’t get it remove me from your list of friends. Got it?
And don’t expect me to support your music if you’re going to reward me for all of my hard work for you by giving me this “Don’t ever talk to me” line. Actions have consequences. No one likes an ingrate, for one.
My career, though in flux, is fine right now. I have plenty of work but what’s even more significant is that my nose is clean. No one would ever call me an ingrate, or say that I have anger issues. And when I perform I get healthy turnouts and robust responses. How about you? How’s that “make horrible things up about about Al-Vis then refuse to ever talk to him again” working out for you?

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