7 Open Mics in 7days

A great artist starts out on a 7 day quest to conquer the area open mics!


The Dragonfly Music and Coffee Cafe 8/12/13

Day 1:  Last night was a unique open mic in that everyone who played was invited by the amazing musician Al-Vis who has been a very strong supporter of my music.  He plays with many very talented artists including Kathy Monahan and had at his call some of the finest musicians I have heard in a while…  Jenny Woods, Samantha D”Arienzo, Andrew James Hughes to name a few. A big thank you to Peter Prasa for hosting not only this event but tons of opportunities for independent musicians at this fine venue.  (Peter is also a very accomplished musician himself).

To add to the adventure the festivities were streamed live via 40foot hole studio around the world.

I was a little nervous to start…the Dragonfly is a very intimate setting …almost like playing in your living room.  There was a great…

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