SMH- about fake outrage

Fake outrage


Note: its an opinion piece, my friends, agree if you want or disagree. But please do not comment if you are going to be offensive or abusive.

I’m sure you have your own pet peeves. One of mine is fake outrage. Appearing to be angry about something to try to make a statement or attack someone else. Talk show pundits get paid to do this. For the rest of is its just plain divisive and too often just plain stupid.

– Referring to anything Christmas as “Holiday”, as if that’s some kind of euphemism. It isn’t, so get over it. This is usually just intended to be inclusive (as in “Happy Holidays”) for whatever people celebrate.
– Anything Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter could ever be outraged about, with their track record of offensive and bigoted statements. And yes I said “anything”. You reap as you shall sow- spew hatred and expect it back.
– White people who constantly moan about some kind of double standard for blacks. Newsflash: our race wasn’t brought here in chains and later on hung from trees for as little as saying hello to a member of another race. And if you think YOU know better than blacks that racism has ended, here’s another newsflash: you’re not black so how could you possibly know this?
– People who get angry because some voice mail systems as you to press “1” for English. Another newsflash: we live in a country where a lot of people don’t speak our language well, even if they will someday. Be grateful that you do, because some live in countries where NO ONE wants to immigrate to.
– People who get angry because some welfare mothers might be drug abusers. This one really gets me. So you’re going to make children STARVE TO DEATH because of the vices of their mother or father? Hey, lets run down the list: Lets deny people welfare any time they do something illegal or immoral, that will really eliminate poverty. Unless you are one of these (usually) God-fearing right wingers who believe that the poor should just starve to death.
– People who now have health plans that are 1000% better than before the ACA, who have to pay a few dollars more a month. Good luck with that rationality. The reason why your rates went up is because NOW YOU WON’T HAVE TO DIE if your pre-existing condition gets worse, or any of the dozens of ailments that weren’t covered before rears its head.
– People who think that somehow the US is special- that the fact that ALL of the rest of the civilized world HAS better access to healthcare than we do is a good thing.
– People who want to criminalize bad behaviour by pregnant women, whose justification that the mother is endagering the fetus. So lets get this straight: you want to throw a pregnant woman in jail, where she could be subjected to all sorts of mayhem, emotional distress and medical peril, because she might be putting her unborn fetus through mayhem, emotional distress and medical peril?
– People who are outraged about abortion but have no problem with denying welfare and/or foodstamps etc to young children of poor mothers.
– People who complain about how our govt can do nothing right who are on medicaid, medicare and/or social security.
– People who treat others like shit who complain when those people complain that they are being treated like shit.
– People who ruin their lives and careers, blame it on others, then decide to “take some time off” because they are fed up with the music biz.

And yes I threw in those last two for extra credit, having to do with certain events of 2013 that are still sand in my shoes.

Which brings me to one more:

– People who can’t stand the fact that other people can’t move on. This sounds so offensive and condescending to me every time I hear it that I don’t even know where to begin. People move on when they are ready to move on. Not when you want them to.

I have a friend whose child passed away at a very early age, and since its Christmas its really hitting home for her. You want to tell her to move on?

Those people we sent to get maimed and killed in those wars overseas a few years back- you want to tell them to move on?

You want to tell an entire race of people who were chained, tortured, worked sometimes to death, then later denied the most basic liberties we all enjoy, and who still feel the sting of those injustices in housing, medical care and other areas, to move on?

Anyway looking forward to moving on (and up!) in 2014, hope you all are too. Happy Holidays everyone, inclusively.

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