Al-Vis’ Musical Christmas Past

And so this is Christmas…

Time to re-post some offerings from Christmas Past.

In 2004 Spring (Libuti, Lovelle, whatever) and I were several years, several shows and several dozen hours of recording time into one of the best musical collaberations of my career.

We had just finished Transforming, her monumental CD featuring yours truly on several cuts and some of the greatest material anyone could ever hope for.

She had been hashing out the idea of a Christmas CD for a while, and had some tracks completed. When she called me into the studio she asked me what songs I thought we should do. Since Oh Holy Night was one of my all time favorites, that was one of my choices.

I had been listening to a lot of Chet Atkins and Les Paul. I decided on an arrangement for Oh Holy Night using open tunings, as Atkins did on such songs as “Vincent”. And for the second song I decided on a more peppy number, which I would base on my interpretation of Les Pauls style.

The results were released on her Spring’s Acoustic Christmas CD that year.

I was pretty amazed at what I heard and proud to be part of such a musical accomplishment. Keep in mind that I had been heavily involved in the cover scene with Chik-A-Boom for many years so I didn’t get a chance much to spread my creative wings much.

Unfortunately when our musical association ended in 2007 (which had lasted over 10 years at that point) she made the decision to remove the songs we did together from all of her CDs. A very sad and tragic situation, since little has been heard from her since then.

A few years later I was performing regularly with Patty Tracy and we were doing a lot of Christmas music, so I decided to re-record Let It Snow, with almost the same arrangement. This time Bobby D’onofrio was at the controls, and the hugely talented Kelley Dewkett also lent her backing vocals.

And entire CD collection was planned but we only got a few tracks down before the project was abandoned. One of those tracks was “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” which Patty sings beautifully, though the volume will have to be brought up since it was never properly mixed.

Patty continues to perform and of course Kelley is the “Me” in Me and Bobby D.

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