A “bad” dream: The Glove



The other night I had this really bad dream.

I dreamed I started hanging out with a friend of a family I knew. We started spending a lot of time together, talking and getting to know each other.

We talked about life and being hurt, and being loved and not being loved. We had some great talks, or so I thought.

One day someone in the family asked me why I was friends with this person. “As soon as you leave this person makes fun of you. Can’t you see when someone’s mocking you?”

And then they suggested that I should just stop talking to this person.

So I did. I went over to their house one day to tell them I wouldn’t be back.

This person who was supposed to be my friend just sat there and didn’t say a word. Wouldn’t even say goodbye to me.

Then a funny thing happened. I noticed that their dog was trying to get my attention. The dog seemed to want my glove.

So I gave the dog my glove, and the dog walked away like it had just won a fortune! It was jumping around and chewing the glove and making such a spectacle it itself that we all couldn’t help but smile. Me and the family I was friends with. Even the person who betrayed my friendship was smiling.

Because dogs are like that I guess. And people are like that, I guess.

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