Selective Believing

So you believe we sent a man to the moon?
You fly in air planes?
You are treated by a doctor for some affliction?
You watch TV?
You use the internet?
You use a microwave oven?
You use a computer?
You drive a car?
You believe the earth is round?
You believe in the law of gravity? Or would you jump from a 50 story building and expect to live?
You know that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by atom bombs?
You use electricity?
You’ve seen skyscrapers?
You’ ridden over bridges?
You’ve traveled on boats and/or ships?
You believe that the sun is a huge mass of hot gasses?
You believe that our atmosphere is what keeps the Earth temporate?
You use a gun?
You believe that disease is caused by germs?
You believe in nuclear fission and fusion? That they exist?
You’ve been x rayed and believe the photos are real?
You’ve had an operation or know someone who’s had an operation, and it save your life or their life?
You’ve use a GPS?
You’ve answered yes to all of these-

but you don’t believe in global warning, which 97-98% are certain exists?

How can you believe in science in EVERY ONE OF THESE cases, but not believe in it in the case of global warming?

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