Which Of These Is Just Like The Other?

Some of you on the right have obviously let your hatred and fear of that “Kenyan Socialist Barrack Hussein” cloud your reasoning, so let me spell it out for you.

Killing law enforcement officials is NEVER justified. When you encourage your fellow American citizens to take up arms against those whose job it is to uphold the law you are acting NO BETTER than the gang bangers and other low lifes of America’s worst ghettos.


To NOT understand this means that the right wing in America is losing its moral compass. You who encourage Bundy and his ilk are NOT conservatives, and you insult the memory of Ronald Reagon and Barry Goldwater when you identify yourselves as such.

Why not come out and say it- when you encourage cop killing, whether on the federal or local level, you are a right wing militant or even worse.

You are acting as what we moderates and progressives call “wing nuts”, and you no longer have any claims to any legitimate political standing or consideration.

A thug is a thug, on the right or the left, in the ghetto or on a ranch.

At scene of Nevada ranch standoff, ‘citizen soldiers’ are on guard

Just like on those old Sesame Street segments you need to understand “Which one of these things is just like the other?”

If any of the federal agents had been killed in Nevada there would have been funerals, tears, widows or widowers and orphans created. Just as there was when Santiago was gunned down.

So please don’t give me any of this “ghetto trash” horseshit, when you then turn around and call people like Cliven Bundy a hero.

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