2fer Tuesday – The Jersey Shore Scene Holds My Heart

One of the great songstresses of our time tells of her adventures on the North Jersey Coast leg of her annual open mic tour. And picking up some well-deserved laudits along the way.


mollys me 2

Some might say it was ambitious to do two open mics in one day but I chose my venues carefully.  You see, a year ago I was doing my best to break in to the group of amazing musicians that perform and support each other down the shore and a year later I am in!  So even though it was a long day – it was like coming home – playing for many people who already know and love my music.

The day started at Espresso Joe’s

ed and gorillabob

On the left is The Gorillabob – who generously gives of his time and talent to run the open mic.  It is a very laid back and supportive environment where people listen intently and support fiercely.  On the right is Ed who is the proprietor of Espresso Joe’s.  The thing you need to know about Ed is that he is one of…

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