Time Is Limited, Life Is Brief – Get Out And Do Something

Jill Cagney’s blog about her 7 day open mic challenge, which was way up there as a highlight of my summer since I got to see her twice in one week! You can catch her back at Molly Maguire’s in a few weeks as featured act at Carol and Bobby D’s Open Mic- and you should if at all possible.


1613950_726124950742676_152982606_nOne thing I never want to find myself saying is “I used to play music”.  Sometimes when I am tired, overwhelmed with work or family or just feeling funky I think about how much easier things would be if I did not write songs or have to book gigs and go out a lot. Then I think about the alternative.  Would life be better if I sat on my couch more, met fewer people and heard and saw less art?  It seems like an easy answer but for those other artists reading this blog – you know of what I speak: the temptation to just be can appear deceivingly comforting. But there is no real comfort in giving up – and honestly after the experiences of this past week I think comfort is overrated.


8 open mics in 7 days, 9 performances in 8 days. Murphy’s Open Mic at Scotty’s

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