The Current State Of My Music Career

To those of you who are a bit curious about the state of my music career, or even concerned about my personal well being.

My music career is fine. I am fine.

My public career is on hold indefinitely right now. Privately I am taking whatever performances come along, but outside of a few isolated open mic appearances my public performing career is dead in the water right now.

And this is not really a bad thing. Several things happened over the past couple of years that made this the best decision right now, most of which I won’t go into. But I will say that I feel no need to rush back into anything at this point, and whatever I do take eventually

1) Should be significant enough to be worth the effort
2) Probably won’t be like anything else I have done lately

I have the desire to be out performing to those who have enjoyed my music these past four decades, but I don’t really feel any great need to rush things.

To give some perspective, things haven’t gone well since Chik-A-Boom broke up a while ago. Before that happened I was with one original project that ended badly.

From there I proceeded to redeem what was left by starting my own original project, and embarking on a journey that put me square in the midst of the New Jersey original music scene. So much so that within a couple of years I was nominated for awards for my playing, and performing with some of the biggest original acts around.

The one project I had been very heavily involved with, for well over 2 years, fell thru. I was particularly fond of that project (which I have been forced to never mention nor post any clips of photos of under repeated vicious threats from her) so it hurt when it split up, but I did move on eventually. The last act (and nail in the coffin) was with Kathy Monahan, and while I wish her all the best in her new life, left me out of a lot of resources and a lot of time and effort.

No matter, we did make some great music. We even had a radio show, which inexplicably ended after four shows. But it was time to move on again. I just didn’t feel like I was getting anything I could work with.

I contacted several performers, and several acts I had been involved with in the past and no one was interested any longer. Whether it is me or them doesn’t really matter; the result is the same, nothing to work with.

The next step in a situation like this would have been to put some feelers out and get some thing else together.

But why? If I can’t find anyone, and there is no interest, why bother? I’ve never been in a situation where my talent wasn’t wanted, so I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

So I decided not to proceed. Just stop it for now.

I have a duo that does some private affairs, and can still do an occasional open mic when I get the urge. And my Al-Vis and Friend Showcase every month at Espresso Joe’s is going better than ever.

Sometimes nothing is the best answer as to what to do next. Especially coming off of years of backstabbing from different singers, club owners telling you they’ll pay you only IF you bring new people in their place, and musicians who aren’t honest enough with themselves to realize that they don’t really have the ambition to do this right.

I have the ambition. I will always have the ambition. I have nothing to work with, and have no appetite to search for that right now.

So I’ll just take some time off. If something right comes along I’ll know. And see you at Al-Vis and Friends until then!


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  1. As I have said before Al-Vis, I would gladly perform with you and I wish you the best in your musical future. Until then, I will see you at many of your Al-Vis and Friends, many of those performing.


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