Dear Snakes in the grass:

You don’t see me but I see you. Slithering around spreading negativity about me and others.

Most of you are has-beens-who-never-were. Some of you could have been if you hadn’t chosen to be- snakes in the grass.

You include former singing partners, radio show hosts, musicians and a chosen few others who consider yourselves above reproach but hold others to a much stricter standard.

Sort of like that once beloved entertainer who once railed against people who took no responsibility, and now refuses to take any responsibility himself, as he is charge with drugging and raping women.

One of you took me off your CDs. Another took advantage of my generosity for 2 1/2 years while making a fool of me and others, and garnering a reputation of being one of the most hated and despised persons who ever freeloaded off another.

Some of you have severe substance abuse issues, or had them. All of you have ego problems.

I am not a vindictive person, and I take no satisfaction in seeing many of you rolling around in the gutter of life, disposed of by a world of people you’ve mistreated and betrayed.

But neither do I feel sympathy for you. Curiosity perhaps, that a person could be so self destructive that ruining her career is an a attractive choice.

Having your car keyed and not being sure who did it because you’ve left an endless trail of betrayed suspects. Not being able to find work inexplicably because the venues know who and what you are.

Me telling people I knew you and the first word out of their mouths is “I hate that ” [bitch] [asshole] [snake] [self-important jerk].

You think the way others treat you has no effect on your life and yet you complain that you’ve been at it for decades and have gotten nowhere. Except to slither around in circles, in the same slimy grass you started out in all those decades ago.

“Seeker of truth, follow no path. Paths lead where, truth is here.”

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  1. Very open, revealing and honest. That is only one reason that I like you. More importantly, you rock as a musician and you are one of the nicest people I have met in this music community. Thank you so much for the opportunities you have given me to perform and grow as a musician on stage. Don’t let the past ever take the real you away. Peace.


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