The Bruce Springsteen/Beatles Connection BWO Vini Lopez and Al-Vis

Several people have mentioned this so I’ll diagram it out for you.

In the 1960s there was a very popular band called The Cyrkle who had a couple of hits, “Turn Down Day” and “Red Rubber Ball”.

Discovered by Brian Epstein, they were named The Cyrkle by John Lennon, and toured with The Beatles, including on their last tour. Their drummer, Marty Fried, was Al-Vis’s cousin.

Around the same time a drummer, Vini Lopez, asked Bruce Springsteen to be in a new band he was forming. Several lineups later they became the E-Street Band.

After Vini left the E-Street Band he hooked up with his old pal Vinnie Roslin and former Hot Romance singer Don Erdman in JP Gotrock. Rounding out the lineup was David Shearn on keys and Al-Vis on lead guitars and vocals.

Here it is diagrammed out, from Asbury Park to Liverpool.


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