Turning 2014 into 2015


As we turn the page on another year (and I turn the page on another age), here’s hoping that 2015 brings some needed new directions.

By any accounting it was one of the worst years of my music career since its beginning. A year in almost nothing seemed to go right, and too much sputtered and fizzled.

But there were some bright spots- and welcoming Gina Leigh and Lauren Buzzelli into the long list of phenomenal performers I have shared music with were two highlights, not just of 2014, but of my career. Gina is an incredibly dynamic, inspired and enthusiastic performer who gives her all, and I was pleasured to do several performances with her. Lauren is just as dynamic and enthusiastic, and her freshness and energy mix with an endearing rawness that embodies all the great things I love in a rock singer.

Put that together with Al-Vis and Friends, one of my most honored and proudest achievements, and my continuing Mike and Al-Vis performances (though less and less frequent), work with Andrew James Hughes- then the fact that I performed less in 2015 than in any year in several decades becomes much less distressing. The fact I ended the year with no regularly performing band for the first time in so many decades is disheartening, but there are bright spots. In addition to continued select performances with Mike and work with Andy, my new collaborations with Lauren, the continued success of Al-Vis and Friends and two possible new bands, things are looking up. I just hope fate is kinder to me this year than last in those areas. Because I am more than ready to do the hard work involved in making these new adventures lasting ones.

So lets not look back, lets look to the future, to which a wise man said many years ago ‘What if the best was yet to come?’ What if indeed.

Thank you all for being part of my career, my life and my music- and for all of you my wish is exactly that – that you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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