Strategy Meeting Of The Islamic State, c. 2015

Breaking news! The CIA has just obtained this transcript of a strategy meeting of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State”.

Following is an excerpt. You’re welcome.


Strategy Meeting of ISIS c. mid 2015

Comrades, here are some ways we can destroy America:

1) Hit them in the pocket book. Lets force their govt to shut down, at least for a few days. Should be worth at least 20 billion dollars + .
2) Lets get them to pass laws gutting their cherished right to vote. Target minorities and woman. In addition to tearing them apart along racial and ethnic lines this oughta make them the laughing stock of the world!
3) Lets humiliate their women and make them feel like 2nd class citizens by shutting down key healthcare options- we can disguise this as “protecting the unborn.”
4) Here’s a great one- make up a story about how exercises designed to train their soldiers how to fight us are really attempts to imprison large segments of their populations. And here’s the best part: By forcing them to live at Walmarts!

Oh wait, the Tea Party is already doing all of this. How cool is it to have these guys on OUR side? We are sure to win!!!

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