A Good Week For Progressives Causes the Radical Right to Come Off Its Hinges Even More So Than Usual

The most unhinged radical right responses to a remarkable week for progressives.

Gay marriage, the ACA gets a boost, finally a GOP reversal on the Confederate flag, and Trump gets the boot for his hate-spewing: its been a bad week for the radical right, esp of the so-called conservative Christian Right (“God Squad” “American Taliban” or whatever you want to call them).

All actions are not without an opposite and equal reaction though, and so the response from the oft-unhinged segment has been even more unhinged than usual.

Here then are some of the more interesting posts this week by the radical right (please don’t call them “conservatives”, there is nothing conservative about them).

Not going to actually rebut this except to point to this:


Another post equates the right to carry killing machines with the right to legalize loving a person of the same sex:


This picture caused quite an uproar. Apparently pics of flags being raised in victory are only to be used by soldiers, or else they are to be reported.

And finally here’s a good one- a pro Confederate Flag rally that ends badly. The commenters seemed more focused on the off color language of the narrators (who were obviously Black) than the idiocy of what was going down in the street.

Cheer up, right wingers- that scary black Kenyan Socialist Muslim is only with us for another year and a half.

And BTW, where are all those tax and spending cuts your tea-baggers promised YOU??? I guess you’ll have to wait for your week of good news, though apparently since armageddon is coming (as some of the commenters are suggesting) we are fast running out of time.

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