The “Trumping” of The GOP 2015

The “Trumping” of The GOP 2015

Most people know where I stand on Trump, and most rational people also probably realize that he believes NOTHING he says- it’s all a reality show put on.

He’s out Howard Sterning Howard Stern, taking fake outrage and so-called “telling-it-like-it-is” to new highs, or new lows depending on whether you consider the craftiness of his strategy, or his motives.

What is most disconcerting is that such a sizable chunk of the GOP is willing to take this insanity at face value. Some otherwise reasonable people are so taken in by him that they are willing to abandon all reason and actually BELIEVE HIM.

I could understand this back in the days of George Wallace, David Dukes, Joseph McCarthy etc etc.

But we were supposed to be beyond this. We were supposed to be beyond the image of young children being escorted by Federal law officers to school. Beyond white hoods and burning churches. Beyond hatred of entire groups of people.

Trump has shown us otherwise. He has shown us that in any day and age, if you get someone with a strong enough personality with a strong enough style to spread hate and to fear you will have captured the heart and soul of huge chunks of the electorate.

We criticize the countries of the middle east for subverting democracy by electing and supporting leaders who espouse hatred and fear. Then along comes Dukes or Wallace or Trump and they show us that YES it CAN happen here.

Democracy isn’t always pretty, and all of you out there who hate the so-called “welfare state” and who hate undocumented Mexicans, who hate Obama so much that you support a treasonous SOB like Cliven Bundy prove that.

But as ugly as democracy can be, it is nowhere near as unsettling as the fact that some of YOU are capable of such hatred, fear and intolerance that it makes one reconsider whether or not WE are even far enough advanced as a country to be worthy of it as a viable political system.

Of course, Trump is going away sooner or later and the GOP will probably cleanse its klown kar of the most repulsive alternatives at some point.

But for those of you who support Trump, your bigotry and hatred will be a stain forever. Not his bigotry and hatred but YOURS.

He knows he’s trolling you. Most people have come to realize this also. But for those who don’t and buy into his brand of demagoguery- I say let the chips fall where they may. On you and on the GOP if it allows this to go on much longer.

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