Throwing Stones

The Nazis were Christians
Oklahoma City Bomber was a Christian
KKK admits only Christians
Southern slave owners were Christians
Jim Crow laws were implemented by Christians
Blacks were lynched by Christians
American Indians murdered and their land taken by Christians
Charles Manson was a Christian
The early Christian Church tortured non-believers to death
Cortes, who pretty much annihilated the Aztecs and then Incans, wiping them off the face of the earth, Was a Christian.
Westboro Baptist Church- Christian

And I am a proud Christian – brought up in the Methodist Church.

But don’t let your hate get in the way of facts.


Ask just about any historian they will contend that Christianity has been used to justify more bloodshed and oppression than all other religions combined, if you include the torture and mayhem that went on during the early periods, and from the Inquisition to the Witch Trials all the way into the slavery and Jim Crow eras.

Thats not a judgement or an opinion, its accepted fact.

So to single out Islam and give Christianity a free pass is  extremely ethnocentric– the point is, you can’t single out Islam- yes it has been used horribly to justify atrocity, slaughter etc but so has Christianity and so many other religions.

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