Summary of A Forty + Year Music Career

First I was a nobody that nobody ever thought would be a somebody.

Then I became a somebody.

Then I got really depressed when I found out I wasn’t going to be the somebody I wanted to be.

Then in my early college years I was a nobody again.

Then I became a pretty big somebody, but it was in a scene full of really big somebodies, and people who just thought they were somebodies but they weren’t anywhere near the somebody I was.

Then I became an even bigger somebody. And I played with a lot of pretty big somebodies.

Then I became a nobody again. This was when I was in Chik-A-Boom. It didn’t bother me because I figured I might as well spend what was left of my career playing in a cover band and being treated like somebody’s nobody.

For a while I was actually less than a somebody because of my involvement with the Clearwater Festival, which was highly political. A lot of people still think I’m less than a somebody because of my involvement with that. I know this because they avoid me when I’m in a public place with them.

After a long time I got fed up with being a nobody or less and started calling myself a somebody. Some people actually believed me and I became a somebody again.

Then I became a somebody to some people and stayed a nobody to a lot more people.

These days I’m pretty much a nobody who used to be somebody to a lot of people. And who some people are trusting that I might yet be a somebody.

Since my career seems to be nearly over its pretty much a crap shoot of whether it will end with me as any kind of anybody.

But at least I was a somebody. Some people never were and never will be. Though they might think they are or were.

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  1. Boo, hiss to the nobodies who think you’re less of a somebody because of your involvement with Clearwater. I use my time on the Board as a badge of honor (for as long as I could stand the INTERNAL politics, it was good). I am still friends with Killian. Anyway, for a long time I was the bitch who stole Tom away from the Bertelsons. Then I was the bitch who stood up for his rights in some other bands when he was too used to being their doormat. They didn’t know me. They only saw me as the bitch he was screwing. But then they found out I had a pretty good knowledge of the scene, music, music writing, etc. and then without their help I lwound up the manager at Butterfield’s Studios and worked with a lot of BIGGER somebodies who I still talk to in many cases, so all those name callers had to shut the fuck up and FINALLY realize I was, after all, a somebody all by myself. Anyway, to make a long story short, fuck ’em. You are a somebody, I am a somebody, and at last Tom has the respect he always deserved and never got from some of those NJ bands. Damn shame it took all of us so damn long to be somebody in some nobodies’ eyes. In our case, we just up and left. Nothing there for us. In your case, you stayed and are still dealing with that incestuous clique. You are somebody, Al, and have a lot more heart than most of those self-aggrandizing somebodies – who, by the way, mean nothing to us anymore. The ones who count stand out and stay in touch. But in the end, when you get right down to it, the world is bigger than Asbury Park. YOU are bigger than Asbury Park. All you gotta do is realize it.


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