Let Xenophobia Win

OK all you Xenophobes have it your way.

Close down the borders. Ban all Syrians and Muslims from the refugee program.

While you’re at it, prevent all tourism for them. In and out. Because as you know, that’s really how the murderers got in and out.

Cancel all their work Visas. Jobs for Americans only, not Muslims!

Close down the borders to them. Let ISIS behead and torture all the refugees, and let Disney, New York all the travel agents and all the cruise lines lose a huge source of income.

Our colleges? No more Muslims! And no American studies in countries run by “them”, whoever “them” is.

Next lets throw anyone who is different than us in “relocation” centers. The Western Europeans and Christians excluded. I think that’s what Auschwitz was originally called, but no matter, have it your way.

Prevent all entertainers from touring “their” countries. That means you, Bruce. And of course, Justin.

And Malala- after all, she is a Muslim!

Do all these things and you still won’t win this.

But you know as well as I do who wins.

The murderers win.

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