New Jim Crow Blues by Al-Vis


New Jim Crow Blues by Al-Vis

Liner Notes and Lyrics

New Jim Crow Blues Video
All guitars: Al-Vis
All vocals: Al-Vis
Bass guitar: Al-Vis
Percussion: Andrew James Hughes
Written by Al-Vis
Produced and Engineered by Andrew James Hughes
(c)2016 Artist Group Music All rights reserved

Narrative: The song follows a family through three generations, from the Jim Crow South to the current unrest with the Flint Water Crisis, Black Lives Matter movement, voter disenfranchisement, funding for inner city schools and on and on.

After it all, the protagonist asks- is it time to run once again from this New Jim Crow or stay and fight?

My name is Nathan Justice
And I come into this life
Two Score and seven years ago
On a dark Michigan night

And I have been through poverty
And I have been through pain
All the things I fought against
Seems like they’re back again

And I wonder what its coming to can a man ever be free?
When he opens up his eyes without knowing he sees

My dad was born in Covington a former slave’s grandson
In the Mississippi Delta
Where the red rivers run

One day they say he spoke some words to a local white man’s wife
So he left his home and family ran for his life

He hopped on a freight car got as far as Ohio
In the Great Migration chased by Old Jim Crow

For forty years he worked the plant to give us all a life
Sent us off to college so we’d never life in strife

I studied hard and I passed the bar
Settled down with my family
Bought a home and raised two kids
To be all they could be

But when I look around I see injustice everywhere
From the looks on people’s faces to the hatred in the air

Out on the City’s streets my kids can’t walk free
Without worrying about getting stopped and searched by the police

Our school system’s neglected peeling paint and crumbling walls
My kids can’t learn sitting in the cold with textbooks that are ten years old

They’re poisoning our water kids sick from paint with lead
And all the politicians say are the lies we’ve been fed

And I can’t help thinking once again we all must go

Away to find a better life

Chased by a New Jim Crow

(c)2016 Artist Group Music


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