The Story Of JP Gotrock

Every musician has at least one story of when “I could have made it!”

Meaning, at some point early on, there was enough momentum, ambition and the right circumstances for me to REALLY mark a mark on this biz of music.

For me it happened several times: NFS, the solo years when I attended school, my years with Big Danny. And my band JP Gotrock, which I formed as I was graduating from Rutgers in the early 1990s.

It turned into the ride of a lifetime. If I had never played in any other band- if I had never met Spring, John Cavallo, Danny, Kathy (my current pard) or even Carol B. or Cook, I would have still considered myself extremely lucky.

Lucky enough to delve high into the heights of both the Asbury Park area and New Brunswick area rock scenes, with steady performances all over New Brunwick, and regular stints at The Stone Pony, the Deck House, Mrs Jays and on and on.

The times were fraught with triumph, tragedy, extreme highs and heart-crushing lows. Lows that culminated in the death of a very close personal friend, and ultimately, in the death of that dream of mine to make my mark, as the next couple of decades AFTER JP Gotrock found myself in supporting rather than leading roles.

And its all here in this E-Book, suita

The Story Of JP Gotrock

The Story Of JP Gotrock

ble for downloading, printing, commenting on and enjoying.

As I wrote it I found myself pausing every few paragraphs to wipe a tear or two from my eye. And to recollect my memory processes- of events that occurred half a lifetime ago.

Everyone should have at least ONE chance to mark their mark. I had several. And here is the time, the place, the moment frozen forever, when I really think that I could have crossed over that elusive bridge from local to international artist. It didn’t happen, but what a ride it was, and what a ride it has been since then!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the crowning achievement in a career of lofty stops, the story of a band that almost put me and a few others with the royalty of all of rock, The Story Of JP Gotrock.


Out Of Control

JP Gotrock’s 45 “Out Of Control”



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