Five phrases we all can do without in 2017


These phrases are either offensive, meaningless or just plain incorrect. Can we make it one of our New Years resolutions to get rid of them?

1) Snowflake

Usually said in regards to Millennials.

Its offensive and not accurate. Millennials are simply the younger generation. They fight our wars, work minimum wage jobs and take on massive debt to put themselves through college, and will be our doctors, lawyers and leaders in a few years if they aren’t already.

Give them some respect.

2) Terrorist

This word is meaningless. Or rather, it means different things to different bigots.

To some it only refers to those of Middle East origin who commit acts of mass murder, kidnapping etc. To others it includes anyone from anywhere who commits these acts. Including white Christians.

Why can’t we just refer to them as who they are? If the are murderers call them that. If they are kidnappers call them that. If they are radical right wingers call them that.

The word terrorist means nothing and only incites more bigotry.

3) Alt-right

Can we just call them right-wing nutcase bigots at this point? What else are they?

4) All lives matter

This is the biggest piece of horse poop I have heard in decades.

If all lives mattered then why are all those bones swinging from swamps in the southern bayous not of white people? What white people were kidnapped and sold like livestock (other than the Irish, but that still does not add up to “All”) for hundreds of years?

What white people struggled for 400 years to be treated as equals in our society?

And I realize other ethnic groups have been treated horribly by this country, from the Indians to Mexicans to the Chinese.

But what does that have to do with the fact that Black lives matter?

There is a reason for the Black Lives Matter movement. If you don’t believe me ask a black person.

5) American Exceptionalism

Unless you mean the exceptionally cruel and criminal way we slaughtered Native Americans and took over their land, brutalized the black and Chinese races, raped and plundered the earth and paved it over as if no other species needed to exist.

And interfered with other countries in other parts of the world to the point to where we now are considered the world’s police force.

The world does not need the United States, who just elected one of the most bigoted, sexist creatures to ever crawl the Earth, to show them how to govern. Now or ever.

Disagree? You are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to your own hate. Please keep it civil if you wish to comment.


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