For you Trumpsplainers out there- why Russia matters and why 90% of the world can’t be wrong

For you Trumpsplainers who don’t get why the entire world (outside of a few like- minded despots) is aghast at the Comey firing:

1)  Yes Dems were highly critical of Comey and many would have liked to see him reprimanded at least for the way he handled the job.

But he’s the third, count ’em third major figure who had been investigating Trump that he has fired. And he has admitted it was to try to hasten the speed of getting the probe out of the way.

2) You GOPers spent years and years investigating Clintons for everything from half baked 30 year old land deals gone bad to and embassy attack that it concluded there was nothing to prosecute about over and over.

This man has likely committed the treasonous act of colluding with a sworn adversary who conspired to thwart out election and we can bare get one or two congressional probes out of you. Both of which seem more focused on trying to determine who leaked information about the investigation into the collusion than the collusion itself.

3) Trump has rarely, if ever, had a bad word to say about this murderous dictator, who kills his opponents and invade sovereign nations, while insulting almost ever other democratically elected ally of the US around the world.

4) GOP YOU ARE LETTING HIM DESTROY YOUR PARTY. Yes I know thats all caps, because I can’t stress it enough.

When the history of this is written the books will tell, quite honestly, about how so many Republicans blindedly let him lie and lie and lie to the American people, threaten our press, threaten Comey and change his story about why he was fired several times.

5) Those people in the intelligence community are NOT going to let this go. The first bit of dirt they are able to leak the press will start with a drizzle then turn into a firehouse, and eventually Trump will be so beat up by all the revelations who might be forced to resign, even if he is not impeached.

6) And by the way, impeachment does not mean removal from office. It means a TRIAL to remove the president from office.

So even if he is not removed, enough information could come out (including him perjuring himself) so that he could be criminally indicted. That is one of the reasons Nixon never let it get that far, he knew if he did there would be no telling would come out.

7) It doesn’t matter how gerrymandered your distracts are- because of Trump congress and the senate are definitely up for grabs in the next elections. And if the dems get even close to having a majority impeachment is a certainty.

8) This presidency is the biggest threat to America since WW2. Even though the threat is from within, the threat is very serious. He is undermining our free press, our law enforcement community and agencies and our very faith in the ability of Americans to govern themselves.

So don’t tell us to “Get over it”. We will never be “over it”. Until this evil resigns or is taken out of office we will resist, promote transparency and continue to call the GOP to task for their blanked endorsement of this stain on American democracy and values.

And we will never forget that it is YOU GOP, who failed to stop him from the very beginning. You sold your soul to this orange devil and history will be swift and merciless when it comes to collect.


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