Five Reasons Why I’m OK (and we all should be OK) with students walking out on Vice President Pence

Five Reasons Why I’m OK (and we all should be) with students walking out on Vice President Pence

It has just been reported that students at Notre Dame worked out on Mike Pence as he was speaking at their commencement ceremony.

I can already picture the “snowflake” and “how dare they disrespect those with different points of view” comments coming from us oldsters

But if you take a step back, there really is nothing wrong with this. They didn’t dis-invite him from speaking. They never told him to be one of the most virulent anti-gay, anti women’s rights and anti-Muslim leaders around.

Here are five reasons why I am fine with students walking out on him.
1) We live in a free country, meaning no one has to bow before despots, bigots or Kings. Pence falls into the first category- just check his record. If people want to protest by walking out when a bigot speaks I have no problem with that.

2) Trump intentionally picked a despicable, mean-spirited example of the radical right to be Vice President. Because he wanted to “shake things up”, or “blow things up” as I keep hearing. By shoving such a radical right wing agenda down America’s throat, k-Boom!.

3) In this country we have this thing called the First Amendment, so even it is disrespectful for people to protest by walking out on a leader when he speaks, its a guaranteed right under our constitution.

4) Pence isn’t just a conservative, he’s a right wing radical who does not have the best interests of millions of Americans of color, of different sexual orientation, or of different moral beliefs as he has. That should mean something to those millions of people whom his agenda is malignant towards.

5) To make a difference, and to be a good citizen in this world and in this country you need to show strength of character. So when you see injustice you need to address it.

IF Pence had his way we would probably go back to the days of poll taxes and literacy tests and other Jim Crow era anti-Black laws. We would likely see those laws expanded to the LBGT community, who would be even more at the mercy of a hostile political environment than the currently are.

People like Pence and ideas like the ideas ALL RADICAL RIGHT WING BIGOTS have should be resisted at all costs.

Walk out on them if you feel that will get your point across. In this day and age no one should have to listen, much less deal with the agenda of, bigots.

Mike Pence is one of those.



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