“It doesn’t take any talent…”

I could never understand why some people have to put down music they don’t enjoy.

Its sorta like putting down food you don’t like.

In the earlier days of rock a lot of Jazz players couldn’t stand Rock, and they let it be known. To pick up a copy of Downbeat was to read about how Clapton, Page etc were all hacks and how they Jazz guitarists could play their stuff in their sleep. Which of course is nonsense.

And blues purists have this thing about rock guitarists, which I get but again, I just don’t see why they have to put blues music out there as superior. There is nothing superior about Muddy Waters over Kanye West or the Rolling Stones. Muddy was an icon for his time, and they are all valid in their fans ears and eyes.

Folk musicians used to be the worst- anything with a drum or electric guitar was considered blasphemous.

Here’s something those naysayers don’t understand: music lovers don’t really care about what music they are listening to. As long as it grabs their attention, and grabs at their heart and soul.

And music creators- the true innovators (not the hacks) know this also. They are the ones who mix Miles with Hendrix (Acid Jazz), or Dylan with the Troggs (which is how a lot of early Punk Rock started), to create something new. Something different than what came before.

Whether your bag is Chet Atkins, Jeff Beck, Larry Coryell, Kurt Cobain or Keith Richards, just enjoy the music, don’t be afraid to mix influences, and stay away from arguments such as “it doesn’t take any talent to play that kind of music.” Its a nonsence argument, and anyway the right question to ask is, what kind of talent do YOU have to create music that people will enjoy for hundreds of years to come?


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