New Jim Crow Blues by Al-Vis


New Jim Crow Blues by Al-Vis

Liner Notes and Lyrics

New Jim Crow Blues Video
All guitars: Al-Vis
All vocals: Al-Vis
Bass guitar: Al-Vis
Percussion: Andrew James Hughes
Written by Al-Vis
Produced and Engineered by Andrew James Hughes
(c)2016 Artist Group Music All rights reserved

Narrative: The song follows a family through three generations, from the Jim Crow South to the current unrest with the Flint Water Crisis, Black Lives Matter movement, voter disenfranchisement, funding for inner city schools and on and on.

After it all, the protagonist asks- is it time to run once again from this New Jim Crow or stay and fight?

My name is Nathan Justice
And I come into this life
Two Score and seven years ago
On a dark Michigan night

And I have been through poverty
And I have been through pain
All the things I fought against
Seems like they’re back again

And I wonder what its coming to can a man ever be free?
When he opens up his eyes without knowing he sees

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The Leaving recording info: Re-post with link to full retail version


by Al-Vis

The Leaving

Recorded by Kat ‘n’ Al

Danny Coleman: drums
Kathy Monahan: vocals
Al-Vis: All guitars, vocals
Cook Smith: Producer

Recorded at L.A. East Studio November 2013

From the 1st Artist Group Music compilation

(c) 2013 All rights reserved\AlvisRocks

You stood there in the doorway
While I was walking away
A tear running down your face
On that fateful day

But I just kept on walking
Heading towards the sun
Trying not to think about
What was said and done

Now its all over but The Leaving
So I’ll be on my way
I’ve cried all the tears and I’ve said all I could
Now there’s nothing left to say

Better to leave two hearts grieving
Than to live out one big lie
Though you know I’ll love you
Until the day I die

I stood there in the doorway
And watched you walk away
Tears running down my face
As we had our final say

20 years of memories
2 children both grown
Trying not to think about
Being on my own

Now its all over but The Leaving
So go be on your way
I’ve don everything I could
To try to make you stay

Still can’t help but believing
It didn’t have to end this way
Though you know I’ll love you
Until my dying day

Now I sit along in lonely room
As the sun is going down
And I wonder if it had been different
If I had turned around

Sometimes the hardest part of living
Is living with memories
And the hardest part of loving
Is knowing when to leave

Now its all over but The Leaving
So I’ll be on my way
I’ve cried all the tears and said all I could
There’s nothing left to say

Better to leave two hearts grieving
Than to live out one big lie
Though you know I’ll love you
Until the day I die

Yeah its all over but the leaving
Its all over but the leaving

RIP Chik-A-Boom 1990-2013


Re-printed from The Coaster, Asbury Park. Chik-A-Boom played its last performance early in 2013 at The Celtic Cottage in Long Branch.


Playing in the Band for 20 Years


It’s been a long but fun-filled haul for the popular band Chik-A-Boom, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Band founder John Cavallo said he started the band in 1990 after his former band, Joey And The Works, broke up. “Members of the band started going their separate ways so I put this band together. It felt like the right time to form a new band and do my own thing and, here it is 20 years later, and we’re still going,” he said.

Chik-A-Boom plays upbeat songs from the 1960s to the 1990s, including new, alternative, reggae, oldies, and cl assic party rock.

“Whatever it takes to get people up, dancing, and having a great time, that’s what we do,” Cavallo said. The band has hundreds of songs in their play list. Everybody in the band was originally from Neptune or Neptune City.

The band is comprised of Cavallo, (bass guitar, lead vocals, band leader), Al-Vis (guitar, lead vocals), Pat Killeen (keyboards, vocals), Bobby D’Onofrio (guitar, vocals), Mark Cavallo (drums). “The fact is some of the band members have changed over the years but we are all compatriots and cohorts. We have always been able to get players in the band and musically we’ ve always jived,” Cavallo said.

Cavallo said the main musical thrust of the band in the beginning was to play cover songs and do some originals. “But playing eclectic stuff always kept it fresh for us. We still try to find good, fun songs. We still have that fun spirit,” he said. Chik-A-Boom uses the trial-and-error method in developing their song list. “We’d start with songs we liked, even though we thought they were great, they didn’ t always play well with people,” Cavallo said.

Chik-A-Boom plays a lot of private parties and many clubs. You can usually find them performing about four times a month but more during the summer.

“We have been working steady and haven’ t solicited for in about 15 years. It’s the word-or-mouth effect,” he said.
Cavallo said he remembers one time that the band had to play two gigs at the same time, fortunately they were both in West Long Branch- a previously-booked private party and a wedding for a friend who couldn’t find another band. “But we did it. I put two bands together and then some of us drove back and forth between the two sets. It was a spectacular moment for us and it made both parties very happy but, I have to admit, I drank heavily the next day,” he said.

Cavallo, who lives in the Elberon section of Long Branch, works in computer logistics and security. His other musical credits include Joey and the Works, Dull Brothers, Acme Boogie Company, Aja, Underdog as well as numerous solo and backup performances.

Al-Vis, who lives in Long Branch, is a computer programmer and lead software designer. His other musical credits include J.P. Gotrock, Big Danny and the Power 13 Band, Cookbook, Spring, Vini Lopez and ThRejects, and Heart And Soul.

Killeen, who lives in Wall Township, is a park ranger. His other musical credits are TBirds, Pat Roddy Band, and Big Danny and the Lost Leader Band.

D’Onofrio, who lives in Brick Township, is a golf course manager. His other musical credits include Nightwing, BBR2, and One-Eyed Jack.

Mark Cavallo, who lives in Keyport and is John ‘s brother, is a graphic designer.

Other past members of Chik-A-Boom include Dusty Micale, Kevin Kavanaugh, Joe Bellia, Steve Max, and Alan Lind.
Chik-A-Boom can be reached at


Chik-A-Boom at Jenkinson’s Point Pleasant Beach NJ 1992. L-R: Al-Vis, Joe Bellia, John Cavallo.